If you want to learn the truth about a person, look at their reading material. All of Wonka's interests and obsessions were laid bare in the Reading Room; endless aisles and shelves stacked to the rafters with esoteric miscellany and madness...

I was his Companion

There is a single question most commonly asked when people discover who I am, who I was. The interest is not in me, of course, but in the company I once kept; the celebrity whose familiar I had been. Who was the man in the iron mask?

Bob’s Place

I never quite know what to expect when Raoul Walsh appears. This time I’m surprised to see he has brought a friend with him; a short, scowling, barrel-chested, bald man...

The Tent for Lost Children

The stage has been taken down, the stalls all packed away, and the litter-pickers have nearly finished their sweep of the festival site, but here inside the tent for lost children things are not looking good...


“Butch is a little senile," Raoul confides in me, "sometimes he gets confused, forgets that he’s not on set any more..."


As soon as he had entered Morris’s home it was evident to Stripling that he was in the company of a fellow collector; there were poor specimens of the art everywhere he looked...

The Priest

“Is it wrong,” I ask him, “to kill someone, if it means you're stopping them from killing innocent children?”

Raoul Walsh

I'd be lying if I said I had asked Raoul Walsh to be my story-telling mentor. I really didn't give him any say in the matter...

Hell’s Radio

It has come to our attention that some staff have been deviating from the station’s Official Playlist. This is NOT acceptable...

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